Development of a Campus Carbon Footprint Intervention Framework


  • J P Ng
  • E U Olugu
  • S N Wahab


Sequel to the setting of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aimed at transforming the world, efforts are being made at various levels towards the actualization of these goals. University as one of the agents of socialization has a strong influence in promoting sustainable development. As part of an effort in accomplishing sustainable development, Universities are encouraged to employ sustainable development in the campus. The University campus has been identified as the centre of the larger society where various human activities take place. With myriads of activities that characterize a University campus, the carbon emission is significant. These carbon emissions contribute significantly to global warming. In order to develop an intervention framework for the carbon footprint within the campus, there is a need to evaluate and categorize the carbon footprint of the campus. This study presents the measurement and analysis of carbon footprint of a University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The carbon emissions from the major activities were identified. Carbon footprint mitigation strategies were proposed in order to ameliorate consumption behaviour within the University campus.