The Effectiveness of Iraqi Language Writing Proficiency on Foreign Language Performance (English) in the Writing Skill of Preparatory School Pupils in Iraq


  • Aoda Kadhim Abid


This evaluation targets researching the affiliation b/w the Viability of Iraqi Language Composing Capability on Outside English Language Execution in the Composing Expertise of Private foundation Students in Iraq . In spite of the semantic segment among the Englishmen and the Arabian individuals, it is theorized that Arabian individuals making aptitudes could be moved decidedly to the objective English lingo .Both English and Arabic test were taken. Considering, the delayed results of the present evaluation demonstrated that there is no undeniable massive connection b/w the two vernaculars. Those understudies who got the most vital checks and were doing competently work in Iraq supplement generally about Arabic making performed well in the counter strength in for the most part English. This result supports the speculative points of view on Cummins' edge speculation and Chomskian's Association hypothesis. Conceded results of the doing tests show that there is no requirement for joining the heading of making limit between the two dialects in course books so the creation level out of understudies in obscure tongue could be powerfully updated.