Smart Safety System using Raspberry PI


  • K. Rama Rao
  • K. Uday Kumar
  • V. Panduranga


This paper deals with the monitoring and controlling the home and industrial modern situations progressively. Here the framework is utilized to screen and control parameters, are Earthquake, fire, Temperature, Voltage, Air quality (CO2), LPG gas spillage identification and control. The venture is intended to give a well being framework to the home and enterprises utilizing MasterCard estimated single board PC called Raspberry Pi, and furthermore it will speaks with the IoT innovation. At the point when any strange condition happens the framework will tells to the concerned authority by mailing the pictures of the territory, send a SMS through GSM, Alert by the disturbing naturally and gives the updates of the region or room every once in a while by the IoT based web page, the framework can be introduced in a lobby of greatest zone  126ft x 21ft utilizing one Raspberry pi module. This is found in wide applications where physical appearance of individual isn't required constantly. This framework offers high exactness controlling and furthermore easy to understand with ease and supportive in rationing vitality.