Advanced Safety System in Automobiles


  • B. Kumar Sanjiv
  • Pandu Ranga. V
  • Anil Santi


The rapid growth of generation and infrastructure has made our lives much less tough. The arrival of era has additionally improved the traffic dangers and the street injuries take region often which starts massive loss of existence and assets because of the impoverished disaster facilities. This Proposed Technology affords a great technique to this hitch. An accelerometer can be carried out in a car alarm applica-tion so that unpredictable driving can be observed. It may be employ as a collide or over turning of the automobile detector at some stage in and after a collide with indicators from an accelerometer, a terrible twist of fate may be recognized. As said by means of this proposed approach when a vehicle gets an twist of fate, right away Vibration sensor will find out the sign or if a car rolls over, and piezoelectric sensor will exhibits the wave and sends it to Arduino UNO controller. The controller sends that observant record through the gsm modem include the vicinity to police manipulate room or a salvage group. So the police can right away hint the region via the gps modem, after amassing the records.

After observes the vicinity required movement may be taken. If the person receives a effect accident or if there may be no vital warning to all and sundry`s life, then the conscious signal can be eliminated via the motorist by the use of a transfer boom with the intention to exclude use up the treasured time of the scientific endanger squad. This proposed method is useful in locating the twist of fate precisely via vibration sensor. There is a selection for development and as a in addition execution we are able to attach a wi-fi webcam for apprehend the images so one can beneficial in imparting cause pressure`s assist.