FPGA based Parallel Filters Error Correction Codes using Hamming Code


  • Raju Katru
  • M. Chandrasekher


Filters are required for modern Communication Systems. Some Digital filters are generally used in Digital signal processing and communication systems. In a few examples, the stability of that circuit is important and error corrections, detections are necessary. During the several years, number of techniques that developed the filters’ construction and characteristics to complete error tolerance has been developed. When technology scale, it enables more difficult systems that integrate several filters. Generally few of filters are make active in parallel, for a model by applying the equal filter to dissimilar source signals. In recent times,  an easy method that evaluated for error detection and correction of parallel filters. In my thesis, same method is common to give you an idea about that parallel filters can be saved using fault correction codes. This new proposal gives more security as soon as the number of similar filters is huge. The method is planned using parallel finite impulse response .This technique results shows that more effective in terms of safety and implementation cost, area.