Effectiveness of Association Rule Mining in Medical Health Data


  • K. Mohankumar
  • S. Devi


Data mining helps to get a more accurate result from anenormous collection of data using different techniques and algorithms. The techniques are used to analystdata to discover hidden information. In data mining, the most prominent technique is Association Rule Mining (ARM). Many applications like Education, Finance, Business, Health care, Mobile computing,and Web mining uses the ARM technique for their specific purpose. Among the many application Health cares is a most sensitive application, in which, based on the previous data and symptoms clinical decisions are finalized. Data mining helps to form association rules and based on the association in Medical Health Care (MHC) data, early diagnosis of the particular diseases for a patient is possible. ARM also helps in many ways to alert the patients to take necessary precaution to safeguard their life. This paper takesa vast survey regarding the effectiveness of ARM in MHC data. This paper considers a decade of research work already done using ARM in MHC data. The paper presents a comparison of table which considering different parameters to provide the importance of association rule mining in medical health care field. This survey considers research article taken from 2008 to 2019. Finally, paper is concluded with the significance of the association rule mining in medical health care.