Development of Smart Data Acquisition and Monitoring System for Maternal Health care


  • T. Mangayarkarasi
  • A. Shalini
  • G. Pavithra
  • P. Haritha
  • G. Kiruthiga


Health care monitoring is very important for pregnant women. Continuous monitoring of vital parameters is very essential in case of pregnancy associated with risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy after repeated abortions. In this paper a smart data acquisition and monitoring system is proposed that can be used in public health care centre especially in rural areas. The vital parameters of pregnant women such as blood pressure, Pulse rate, temperature, blood glucose and hemoglobin content in the blood are measured using suitable sensors and measurement techniques. The health status of maternal women is measured by the nurse present in the primary health center. The health sensors such as hemoglobin measuring unit, Pulse rate sensor (SEN1154), Temperature sensor (LM35), Blood pressure measurement unit and blood sugar device senses all the parameters and it is being measured and recorded periodically. The health parameters being measured are continuously recorded in the local storage device. The recorded data is given to the doctor by the nurse and the data stored is analyzed by the doctor using the graphical user interface (GUI), which is recorded and analyzed for all the three trimesters.