Revamping Talent Acquisition and Retention of Employees at Private Sectors in Chennai


  • T. Rekha Kiran Kumar
  • Sanjana. R


Talent acquisition as a unique role in HR department. It is also mandatory to check the job vacancies to avoid labor turnover and retrenchment of employees. Frequent appraisals for monetary and non-monetary benefits should be provided to retain productive employees. The title evaluation of talent acquisition and retention of employees covers the source of recruitment and retaining them in the firm to provide productive output. The study is done with the help of a questionnaire, employees as samples to get direct opinions which may help the firm for their betterment. Further the samples are analyzed and interpreted to suggest the firm to enhance better retention methods of productive employees. This study will benefit the economy as the firm will enhance talent acquisition and retention process and reduce the labor turnover and unemployment in the private sector.