Marketing Responsibility of Street Vendors in Sustainable Tourism


  • G. Ilankumaran
  • T. Mathi


Indian Tourism Industry has significant potential possessing cultural and historical heritage with gifted variety in ecology and natural beauty spread across the country. Tourism plays a great role both in employment generation and foreign exchange earner. Tamilnadu is a place of tourist attraction and unique destinations like Pilgrimage destinations, heritage locations and historical monuments. The scenic beauty of Tamilnadu has been classified into hill stations, beaches, and forest/sanctuaries adventure and leisure destinations. Kanyakumaiprovides witness to meeting of three seas, sunrise and the sunset.The identified beaches shall, once developed attract increasedtourists and help retain them for longer durations.  The survey has been conducted among seventy street vendors in Ramanathapuram District regarding their opinion on street vending. The researcher used reliability analysis, ANOVA, t test, KMO test, Rotated Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling to interpret the result. The study reveals that the successful business depends on three strategies such as business strategy, promotional strategy and investment strategy. The model developed through Structural Equation modeling also supports the statements. It is understood that it is the number of languages known with best quality of products help in improving the sales and the investment is not a criterion for the improvement of the business as per the opinion of the sample respondents. It is concluded that if the street vendors are protected and supported by the legal umbrella they can find a better shelter and livelihood for a better future attracting more tourists which directly helps in enhancing the Indian Economy.