An assessment of Green Quality of Work Life Dimensions at Public Institutions in Malaysia


  • Siron Rusinah
  • Mohd Saad Noorazizun
  • Tasripan Amin


The aim of the study is to assess the perception of employees on green quality of work life at public institutions in the four zone states in Malaysia namely the eastern zone, northern zone, southern zone and middle zone state. The study of Green Quality of Work Life consists of six dimension namely as green job satisfaction, green job reward, green management support, green social relationship, green training and development and green team based practices. The number of respondents involved in this study for the four zone states are 1985 respondents with overall average rate of response of 96 percent. Based on the results, the dimension of green job satisfaction, the middle zone state has scored the highest average of agreement with 58 percent, the green job reward also showed the middle zone state got the highest agreement score with 57 percent, the green management support dimensions also showed that the middle zone sate score the highest agreement with 57 percent, the dimension of green social relationship showed the northern zone score the highest agreement score with 56 percent, green training and development  showed the highest agreement score was middle zone state with 55 percent and the green team based practices showed the highest average agreement  score was middle zone state with 58 percent.