Color Perception and Its Application with Big Data Driven Examination


  • Seung Hyun Oh
  • Jinwha Kim


Background/Objectives: This study finds conceptual map of associated words on six major colors in human brain. It also delivers insight into color and its possible application of these findings to commercial fields such as advertisements.

Methods/Statistical analysis: To find associated words on six major colors and relationships among colors, social network data sets are collected and analyzed with the techniques of text mining, association analysis, and data visualization. A survey on people’s perception on six colors are also conducted and analyzed. Network analysis of textual data on colors and applications are performed to find the best color for an application such as advertisement on travel and insurance companies as examples.

Findings: This study shows that each color has associated words, and colors are associated together. The color concepts can be represented with colors and their associated words graphically. These can be applied to find the best color images for words.

Improvements/Applications: The findings from this study can be applied to diverse areas such as an advertisement, marketing, and design. This study proves that cognitive enhancement using color perception is possible.

 Keywords: Color Perception, Cognitive Analysis, Associated Words, Text Mining, SNS Mining.