Evaluation Residual Stress Relaxation Induced by Shot Peening Parameters and its Effect on Fatigue of 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy


  • Fareg Saeid Ali
  • Abdoulhdi A Borhana Omran
  • Omar Suliman Zaroog


Surface treatment such as shot peening are often used to enhance fatigue life of components. The simulation and experimental work has been carried out under variable amplitude tests to three different shot peening treatments of 2024-T351 aluminum alloy. Experiments were conducted on subjected to three different shot peening intensities which on 4-6A, 6-8A and 8-10A and tested under cyclic loading. The cyclic test for tow applied stress amount, 170MPa and 280MPa, was performed for the 1, 2, 10, 1000, 10000 cycles. The maximum relaxation for load of 170MPa is 45% of the initial residual stress at 10000 cycles for intensities (4-6A, 6-8A) while the maximum relaxation for load 0f 280MPa is 53% at 10,000 cycles for the intensity of 4-6A.This result showing that the redistribution of residual stress depended on the amplitude of applied load and shot peened material. Computer simulation was carried out using finite element method (FEM) by ANSYS software to investigate the residual stresses behavior of 2024T351 aluminum alloy. The simulation results showed a good agreement with the experimental results.