Prototype Development of Traffic Calming Solution: Replacing Speed Hump to Roller Electricity Generator Road


  • Shuhairy Norhisham
  • Muhammad Fadhlullah Abu Bakar
  • Chew Ting Liang
  • Ani Munirah Mohammad
  • Nor Hazwani Nor Khalid
  • Hidayah Basri
  • Nurul Hani Mardi


Our country still considers as growing countries and mostly depends on non-renewable energy as main sources to generated electricity. Therefore, this study is aimed to determine the performance of electrical generating speed breaker using roller mechanism called as roller electricity generator road. Electricity could be generated by modification of conventional speed breaks with roller principle. The most effective method to generate electricity is by increasing the number of vehicles that pass over the speed breaker. These studies have showed the dynamic of fabricated prototype from different speed approach and various weights provided which could affect electric generated by speed breaker. The result showed that the prototype would be able to generate up to 7 watts of maximum power using 4 rollers at the same time. Yet, the amount of power generated also depends on the rating of the selected DC generator and the design of speed breaker itself. Further studies in this area is highly recommended to find out the maximum power could be generated using the mechanism and how these prototype could reduce speed of vehicle in roadway.