Health Care Chatbot System


  • Shanuka Srinivas
  • K. Sashi Rekha


This paper shows the interaction of the people in the medical field. Few years back people who goes suffered with some disease or felling unhealthy they directly went to the hospital and wait for a period of time to meet the doctor. The token as been provided to each person till the token number has to come the patient has to wait. Keeping this unhealthy body they want to do some man power to watch the doctor. By using the chat bot technology they can finds a effective solution at a single place with less period of time. The patient wants to interact with the palaver cyborg. It can ask various question what’s your problem, what your age, due you have vomit etc, like wise some question they will ask we want to reply to the question in a text manner or through the voice.  The palaver cyborg can gets the memorandums from the patient after that the details can be suggested to the memorandums base. After gets verifying the details they gives the perception in which the antibiotic has to been taken at how long period of time. This process can takes a few minutes of time and it is more effective when compared with the previous method.