Real-Time Fine-Grained Air Quality Sensing Networks in Smart City


  • M. Saiteja Reddy
  • D. MahaLakshmi
  • T. Devi


This paper discusses the Air toxic waste release of impurities keen on the appearance that are injurious to social health and planet as a complete. Container remain defined by means of some of the supreme unsafe threats that the humanity ever faced. Determined by the more and more staid air toxic waste problem, the observing of air quality has gained much responsiveness in both abstract studies and practical operations. Here, we present the architecture, operation and optimization of our own air quality sensing system, which provides present and fine-grained air excellence map of the observed area. Our objective is to minimize the average joint error of the established real-time air quality map, which involves data inference for the unmeasured data values. The huge data technology consumes be there future designed on behalf of the enquiry of authority resistor problematic to practically proposal the recognizing responsibilities of the power-limited guessing campaigns. We remain similarly undertaking a future proposal for real-time power control problem using Spark Technology.