Sentiment Exploration System to Improve Teaching and Learning


  • K. Sai Tulasi
  • N. Deepa


The paper describes the research of the students pursuing higher education calculating their skills, behavior, emotion, learning style and methods of the students using learning inspect in smart way. The learning inspect is the smart and innovative way of detecting the student aspects. In this we consider a group of students who taking the online test and record the students interaction with each part of the test by providing the option to each and every questions. The recorded data is stored in the data base. After the completion of the analytical test the outcome the data of the individual student is calculated. The calculated data may provide the students learning ability and how they tackle the exam and how they prepare themselves in the exam. It also shows that the handling of pressure during the time of exam. The exception outcome is being correlated with the various parameters to detect the student survival and the performance in their academics.  This method is being expected and made to turn all of their intention towards it.