KNN- Classification for the Moving Objects of City Line Road Networks


  • B. Uday Sravan
  • C. M. Velu
  • T. Devi


Services provided by the Location based networks (LBN) helps the persons to share their data when they check-in to their family and friends. The check-in data consists of a route which the person is travelling and also the photos from social media in which they are tagged in. Using this process many numbers of routes are generated and as a result it is helpful in management of traffic, urban prediction and the areas of research. In this paper, we mainly deal with planning the trip or tour and collect all the travel experiences from the users when they share their data using LBN. To help the user to plan the trip, it provides the users an interface in which they can submit their total time of travel and the region of query. Using the representative skyline concepts, we can find the shortest distance, in which skyline routes are used and they are helps in trade-offs among the different features of POI. Many experiments are conducted on LBN datasets, and they show that they provide greater efficiency than other methods such as the state-of-the-art works.