Resolving Presentation Attack using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network)


  • R. Jaya Prakash
  • T. Devi


This System is Simple yet a shrewd application used to verify notes by means of Finger Print Authentication. This System can likewise be alluded as Keyless Authentication not at all like customary way where it required a secret word to enter. This System doesn't have any Registration however just the proprietor of the telephone can get to these notes as it looks for the proprietors print. This System can be utilized as private notes or individual journal or significant notes; can be given different names however assumes a comparative job of recording notes and warding off it from everybody then the telephones proprietor. On the off chance that there is no Biometric highlight on the telephone, this application can't be utilized. The client can include new notes, alter old notes just as erase notes. The Front end utilized is Android Studio and the Back end utilized is SQLit. Biometric Authentication is the most elevated level of security any Phone can offer making it exact and secure.