Free and Forced Convective Heat Transfer through a Nanofluid with Two Dimensions past Inclined Vertical Plate


  • B. Sailaja
  • G. Srinivas
  • B. Suresh Babu


Particularly in this paper discussion is about free and forced convective heat transfer in Cu – water Nano- fluid past permeable flat vertical semi-infinite moving plate due to high conductivity and occurrence in Cu-water Nanofluid with natural or forced convections. In this we consider magnetic field and also heat source. The effect on various parameters such as Reynolds number (Re), solid volume fraction (?), magnetic parameter (M), inclination angle of the plate (?), heat source parameter (Q¬h), on linear velocity (U), vertical velocity (V) and temperature (?) were exhibited in graphs. The profile of every governing parameter is displayed for natural as well as forced convection by considering the Ar>>1 and Ar<<1 respectively. This rate of heat transfer in forced convection is more than counterpart in free convection. Inertial force reducing the heat transfer rate in natural convection but the enhancement of Nu observed in forced convection. The composition of metal particles enhances the heat transfer rate in both convections, which emphasizes the Nano-fluid significance. Lorentz force is enhancing the heat transfer rate slightly. Heat source obviously increase the rate of heat transfer in both convections. The present paper aims to study the convective high temperature transfer of Nanofluids into which we use viscosity proposed with Einstein also with the thermal conductivity proposed by Corcione.