Review Paper on Public Service Announcement (PSA) Videos of Child Marriage Awareness


  • Nur Syahel Hussien
  • Masyarah Zulhaida Masmuzidin
  • Muhammad Zakaria


Child marriage is the marriage of a child underneath the age of 18 in any case the gender. Based on United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) information, South Asia is at the top of the ranking of child marriage within the world (UNICEF, 2013). Child marriage violates the children fundamental rights such as health, education and safety. Children who are involve are at high danger of violence, exploitation and abuse. Due to this issue, it is importance to enhance the awareness of child marriage. To enhance the awareness issues, researchers use Public Service Announcement (PSA) as a medium in raise awareness.  However, the issue of child marriage did not use this kind of medium to handle the issue in Malaysia.Therefore, in this paper a review on the ideas of enhancing the awareness among people especially Malaysian regarding this issues. PSA is a video created to raise awareness of child marriage is investigated as a medium frequently have a capable message that sticks with the watcher.