Save Your Grades! A 3D Mobile Educational-Entertainment Game Using Ant Colony Algorithm


  • Genrech L. Lalas
  • Karl A. Canto
  • Gian Carlo N. Uy
  • Josephine T. Eduardo
  • Maryli F. Rosas


Learning in this generation can be different nowadays, with the help of educational games learning are designed to be fun and interactive than the common way of teaching. The games are designed in a way to help people learn particular topics, that involves expanded concepts which develop skills as they learn while playing. Problem-solving is a process which playing games gives through a constant observation. The development of the game encountered problems on Artificial Intelligence. The problem needed a new way of implementing AIs into the game while optimizing the amount of time spent on each AI that were being implemented. The study utilized path finding algorithms for the Artificial Intelligence to determine or predict the exact location of the player.  The use of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for path finding,  helped the authors design Artificial Intelligence that would take the shortest path in searching of the player. This study optimizes each AI to find the player in shortest route.  In addition, this study concluded that integrating educational-entertainment games would help students in improving their intelligence.