Fuzzy Logic: A Technique for Assessing Students’ Learning Performance


  • Josephine T. Eduardo
  • Maryli F. Rosas
  • Rolando B. Barrameda
  • Emelyn D. Mayuga


Learning assessments of students are very vital in assessing the overall learning performance of students.  Knowing the learners capabilities are always part of a teacher’s job to fully understand the learner’s need. Hence, the researchers were motivated to conduct this study on the purpose of evaluating and identifying the performance of students using the fuzzy inference.  The research is focusedonthe private university students.Results of examinations from both the lecture and laboratory classes are evaluated to determine the how the student performs in a class.  The exam scores of lecture and laboratory class serves as input to the fuzzification technique to determine which among the two class types would the students perform well.  In this paper, fuzzy logic basic concepts are applied on theexam results.  The authors then concluded that students are performing better during laboratory examinations.