Effective Energy Optimization in Marine Networks Using Genetic Algorithm


  • Neha Kaushal
  • Vishav Kapoor
  • Anurag Sharma


In this paper, a low energy efficient hierarchical clustering and routing protocol based on the Genetic Algorithm (LECR-GA) for marine networks is proposed, which uses clustering and routing algorithms to efficiently intensify the lifespan and to enhance the quality of service (QoS) parameters. The proposed algorithm’s operation divided into two rounds which extend the lifetime of marine networks by selecting the optimum cluster head (CH) and the shortest route for sending the aggregate data at a base station (BS) to save the energy. The efficient energy optimization is successfully achieved by using LECR-GA as the performance of LECR with GA protocol has remarkable abatement in terms of energy consumption rather than simple without GA.  Network simulator2.35 is used to examine the performance of the LECR-GA protocol for marine networks in-terms of parameters such as delay, packets received at BS and throughput.