CBR- Contour based routing in Multi Hop Wireless Sensor Network


  • S. Kevin Andrews
  • Lakshmanan L
  • V. Jeyabalaraja
  • M. S. Josephine
  • Visu P


                In certifiable situation, the desire levels of sensor hubs have become a high effect as far as size, cost, productivity and unwavering quality. In such a case all the sensor hubs are conveyed and current asset usage drives the sensor hubs to forfeit its exhibition level this may happened frequently in sensor medium. Hence to deploy an optimal data packet routing in wireless sensor network was an impact of researchers. In this paper we proposed a new scheme using circular routing called CBR, here the routing scheme is one of the vast advent where the data packets inter arrival was calculated periodically for every hops. For every instance the boundary or contour of the network is evaluated which in turn gives an optimality in terms of finding the shortest contour within the circular boundary of network. Experimental results demonstrate the actual working procedure of the routing scheme in WSN. The proposed method was much better in terms of optimal resource utilization and routing based on the hop to hop in multi hop networks.