Assessment of Stakeholders’ Gender and Development Awareness


  • Carina L Vidania
  • Lalaine M Nerona
  • Jolo B Galabay


The Gender and Development (GAD) approach has been gaining increasing prominence in the field of international cooperation.  As a Campus of the ISU System, ISU-Ilagan supports the conduct of studies on GAD approach to find ways and means to improve its services at every stage in the process of development.  Daily experiences in the work place and personal encounters with most of the stakeholders prompted the Researchers to study the extent of awareness of the stakeholders on basic information of GAD laws and programs in their desire to provide a baseline data that may aid in the updating, enhancing, or revising the Academe’s GAD programs and activities.

 This Study assessed the Gender and Development awareness of the stakeholders of Isabela State University Ilagan Campus. There were more female than male respondents and most of them were adolescents.  They are aware of gender roles, but have moderate awareness on gender issues, national laws and programs of GAD.  The sexual category of the respondents does not show a significant effect on their level of awareness on national GAD mandates and laws; government agencies integrating GAD; gender issues; reproductive roles; and community managing roles.  However, the male respondents were more aware of productive roles than female respondents. There is a significant difference on the level of awareness of the respondents on Gender and Development when grouped by age. The community-respondents registered a lower level of awareness on GAD approach when compared with the other stakeholder-respondents.

 The feedback indicates that the level of awareness of the stakeholders of the University could still be enhanced. Faculty, and students are great implementers and influencers of GAD approach in the community and in the world.  An undertaking like this is an initial step to make all sectors of a nation more GAD sensitive.