Usage of Technology in Road Traffic Management with Special Reference to Chennai


  • Shanthilal S


Road website traffic management is a subject of logistics that issues the making plans and manipulate of site visitors from one area to some other. One of the present worrying conditions of street traffic control is accommodating site visitors in a cozy and green manner to lessen or get rid of accidents. This paper talks about, road traffic management, how to control traffic and suggests methods to overcome traffic challenges.  I have also reviewed the research papers of about twenty authors in this paper. The sample size collected for the purpose of the survey is 1480 respondents.  And it has been found out that people think there is a need for improvement in road traffic management strategies. Also, the method used was descriptive - non doctrinal empirical research. It was found that most of the people think that roads must be widened in Chennai and also people think that the traffic is always heavy in Chennai.  It is also suggested that the technology can be used more effectively to control the traffic and roads can be widened or else the encroachment by the shops illegally can be cleared to make flow of traffic easier.