Customer Preference Towards Restaurants with Special Reference to Chennai


  • Aswini K
  • Sreeya B


In the present focused world, purchaser fulfillment has turned out to be a standout amongst the most key apparatuses for estimating the accomplishment of the firm. This paper goes for investigating the variables affecting buyer's fulfillment towards marked drive-thru food outlets in Chennai city. The factors incorporates variety of item, quality of item, precision of administration, conveyance time, Store area, Staff obligingness, encompassing conditions and by and large satisfaction. It likewise goes for looking at chosen fast administration retail outlets. Illustrative research is received for this examination. Organized poll was utilized to gather information. This industry hugely affects the worldwide economy yet it is influenced by clients' consistently evolving inclinations. Administrators need to pick up and support vital favorable position in this exceptionally aggressive industry, along these lines a nearby client inclination evaluation is critical. This paper shows the measurements of client inclination in the sustenance benefit industry, tried observationally for unidimensionality, unwavering quality and legitimacy utilizing both exploratory and corroborative factor investigation. The universe of populace incorporates respondents from Chennai city who are the clients of KFC, Dominos, Subway, Pizza Hut and Mc.Donalds. The examples were recognized utilizing comfort inspecting. The aggregate example measure is 1450. Here, descriptive analysis is done. The reactions are dissected utilizing SPSS and results were introduced utilizing rate conveyance, cross classification, mean and standard deviation, chi square and ANOVA. The significant discoveries of the investigation are nature of item is more imperative and there is a relationship between marked retail outlets and generally fulfillment. This study found about the customer preference towards restaurants according to the general factors.