Sheltered and Elegant Future Transaction for Double Server Authentication


  • Megha. K. B
  • Sampath Kumar. D
  • S. Praveena
  • V. Gurupriya


In today’s world, money is an important issue at anytime and somewhere like shopping time, travelling time , health sector etc. The need of cash is be comfy while we are carrying money . It additionally increase the hazard of getting financial institution robbed. A bank is  most secure vicinity headed for impervious the money. The otp will provide by means of the bank. Servers are an effortless mode to get money. While we insert the card and gives password ,we get cash . But if any one will hold our card and in some way, they two know your code word, it will allowance them full get entry to to our money. This trouble raise query on current safety and load something new that two offer 2d factor of security. The two new technique closer to the safety Double Authentication gadget presenting in this paper. ie, One-time password verification beside exercise of double server pin. So, this system  providing a complete secured way to execute transaction by means of double level securities.