Virtual Reality Game in Education: An Pragmatic


  • Saravanan. S


Virtual Reality is becoming a recent trend on entertaining world, also reached greater elevations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Management. Virtual Reality (VR) technologies have been widely applied over all educational settings for years and proved that integrating education over visual modalities is becoming more impactful these days. An experimental study over the impact of using virtual reality games on education is analyzed and compared with the spatial presence in this article. Study proves that virtual reality based experiments creates more impact when it is brought through visual and auditory modalities. And it also proves that VR is more immersive and engaging compared to all other educational system parameters. Low cost VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Samsung VR Gear and so on, have made it more accessible in the society which provides the feeling of being psychologically occupied in a virtual environment tend to bring out more technology in the environment. Thus, an important inference for design is that to bring out more visual modalities for educational contents.