A Research on Crop Yield Estimation of Banana in Various Soil and Weather Around North Coimbatore Area using Data Mining Algorithm


  • N. Ganapathi Ram
  • S. Gopala Krishnan
  • S. Manimala
  • D. Vidhumitha


India is mostly an agriculture based country, agricultures main aim is to develop  India's economy and also the main backbone of our country.  India holds second  place  in the farm production. Almost 43percent of  geographical land  had been occupied by the  agriculture sector. But  for the past several years the agriculture development is  immobile. Eventhough agriculture has many benefits in improved farming techniques the production rate  is not equitable. The main reason for this is there is no  well formed models about farming and  guidance for the farmers are not given properly. Banana tree acts as an major fruit crop of many tropical and subtropical regions of India.it is the earliest  and regular fruit known to the humankind. It is one of the important fruits, and establish second largest fruit industry in India. Neglected to these problems, farming affects the yield of banana and absense of knowledge about the banana cultivation methodologies. And also to choose best  season to cultivate the banana and selecting the best soil to cultivate the specific banana based on the weather condition and also when to harvest the banana for the supreme yield. If the farmer is familiar about the banana cultivation methodologies and harvesting it will  be more helpful for the people in the real world and also helps in  increase the banana productivity. Data mining is the process of abstraction or deriving of datas  from large amount of  data sets, this technology which is in use in inferring knowledge that can be put to use from a vast amount of data. Climate, soil and temperature are the meteorological data that is well-to-do by important knowledge.