A Research on Ramification of Packaging and Consumer Buying Attitude in Fmcg - (with Reference to Household Groceries, Coimbatore.)


  • S. Balaji
  • N. Sivakumar
  • G. V. Venkatesh


In the global emerging modern marketing arena, packaging is one of the important element of the product which protects, prevents and helps in safely transferring the product from the seller to consumer. It is an effective sales tool which stimulates the consumer to buy and a powerful medium for sales promotion. Hence, the study aims to investigate, encapsulate and discover the influence of wrapping on the purchasing decisions and the positive and adverse effects of packaging on consumer purchase attitude. A well-thought-out survey with assessment scales is used to collect the principal data covering 120 samples. Secondary data is also used for the study. Convenient sampling technique was used based on its phase and budget viability. Ranking analysis, chi square and correlation are the tools used for the analysis. The study encompasses the seller to enhance the quality of packaging and to sustain in the global market.