A Researchon Online Shopping Behaviour of Customers With Special Reference to Coimbatore City


  • Arun Prasad. C. M
  • G. Raghunath
  • Manishaa. R
  • Harini. P


Online shopping is the current market trending shopping method. It has raised the standard and expectation of people to easy purchase at fewer time frames. In the recent years, the growth of online apps is massive due to the extensive internet access. This increase in use of online method of shopping has helped in developing the e-business of the country. Customers as the king of market is preferred the buying style according to their concern and the items they purchase depend on the situation. This research paper highlights the different online applications available to the customers and their preference of purchase of products among them. The preferential factors which describe the theme are safety, satisfaction, convenience, availability (variety of options) and price range. Online apps provide a choice to customers need and helps in comparing the specifications and services offered by one app to another.