Awareness of Government Hospital’s Schemes among Coimbatore People


  • M Gopinath
  • P Swathi
  • S Devatha


In the present world, issues on human health are growing slowly but surely. There are many causes which are based by the people like deficiency of vitamins, obesity, diabetics. Based on these reasons peoples are suffering by diseases such as multiple sclerosis, chronic disease, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. To prevent this, our Tamil Nadu government has been developed many benefit schemes. The utilization of these schemes is important. In this paper, some solutions are given for health issues. A survey of the government scheme can provide best facilities and aid them to restore health from diseases. It is very important to know about diseases and their government schemes. Here, we have used some questionnaire method and found out the awareness of government hospital schemes among Coimbatore people using Chi-square test and Correlation.  Chi-square test is used to decide the difference between experimental value and theoretical value. Correlation is the statistical measure that helps us to find relationship among the variables.