Total benefit Adminstration for Industry Environment


  • S. Devaraju
  • D. Saravana Prakash


Project entitled “Total Benefits Administration System” is primarily focused on maintaining the benefits administration for its clients. It provides a user friendly environment for the both employees of Industry and the end users of the system. This system allows the employees to work closely with every requirement of the clients and the end users. In this application we can easily manage the participant’s benefits, inquiries, personalized communication statements, life events, pension calculations, retirement estimation and many more. Users can view their benefit details, history of payroll and can easily apply to trigger the any of the events. This system will allow a new participant details which can be added, deleted, edited in several step of verification process. It provides user management configuration to add or remove the participant. Each user activities maintained by this system and the errors occurred during usage of the system maintained separately. Finally the reports will be generated for the event details