Food Safety, A Global Challenge: Consumers’ Perspective


  • M. Shanthana Lakshmi
  • V. Sonia
  • V. Akshaya Bharathi


Food, with water and air, is an essential basis of all living being. It is a source of nutrition, growth and health. It does not have only sociocultural significance, but also it comprises of considerable economic and developmental implications. No poverty, Zero hunger, and Good health and well-being depend directly on the sufficient availability and affordability of safe and nutritious food. Due to its universality, and relatively lower start-up costs and investments involved, food offers enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs, and business start-ups in food are very common. At the same time any food operator or business has the responsibility to ensure that the food which is supplied will not cause harm to the consumers. Unsafe or unhygienic food can make people very sick, spread diseases, and may even cause death. Due to this, food is also a highly regulated sector where governments takes an enormous responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of their population through laws that set down conditions and parameters for food business operators and their operations. The cost of disease, sickness and premature death takes a heavy toll not only in terms of medical care, but also socially and economically in terms of lost productivity and potential. Food safety is the foundation of trust in the food business.