Priority analysis of location factors for Food Service Store


  • Choongsoo Lee


Background/Objectives: Today, the food service industry is an important service industry that meets basic human needs. Location is a very important issue in the food service business, and it also has a decisive influence on consumers' choice of stores.

Methods/Statistical analysis: In this study, location factors were designed and the relative priority of each factor was measured in order to analyze the priorities of location factors of restaurants using Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP).

Findings: The weight and priority of location factors were measured in order to measure the relative importance of restaurant owners using the AHP technique. The results are summarized as follows. First, Level 1 showed relatively high importance in order of commercial area environment (0.29), store feature (0.26), competitor (0.23), and accessibility (0.22). Second, the location factors of commercial area environments had a higher priority for floating populations. In the store feature, fixed cost was high priority. Competitors valued direct competitors, and accessibility focused on parking areas. Third, overall priority was high in order of floating population, fixed cost, and hospitality facilities.

Improvements/Applications: These results will serve as a reference model for choosing locations for those preparing for a restaurant business.

 Keywords: Food service Store, Location factors, Priority of location factors, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Commercial area, Relative importance.