7A Study on Practising Emerging ICT Tools in English Language Teaching Classes and their Impacts


  • Mrs. C. Priya
  • Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Nagarajan


English Language Teaching in India has witnessed a great-heightened stress in academic setting periodically and regularly.  The integration of ICT tools in ELT classes earns best outcomes as it promotes ordinary teaching learning environment into blended learning, e-learning, application oriented teaching learning and outcome based education.    In the present global scenario, English Language is the accepted language of communication.  This research further confirms previous findings and contributes to our understanding that the integration of ICT in English Language Teaching classes will outturn for the development of language proficiency of the learners.  The statement of the problem for this research is that the technology replaces the teachers who do not use it.  It means that the teachers who use the emerging technology will definitely replace those who do not use it’.  It is the gentle warning for all the English language teachers who assume and believe strongly that the usage of technology has nothing to do with ELT classes.  In the age of redesigning, the learners get access to refer various resources easily.  They are in no need to demand only the subject teachers.  In order to influence their attention in the classroom, maintain a good rapport with them, the utilization of ICT tools becomes necessitous in the process of teaching learning environment. This research notorieties the potentialities of the effective utilization of few ICT tools, considers the barriers involved and submits probable suggestions and recommendations.