An Examination on the Development Strategy of ‘’ Enterprise


  • Xian-Fa Shang
  • Myeong-Cheol Choi


Background: With the gradual development of the economy, the number of smartphones has increased dramatically, developers and related enterprises have vigorously developed a large number of creative applications in response to that growth.

Methods: This study examines as the research object, which is the first enterprise in China to combine an online service with a third-party review service. After introducing the development process of the enterprise, PEST analysis is used to analyze the external environment of the enterprise. Also, SWOT analysis is used to analyze the resources, external opportunities, and threats to the enterprise, so as to avoid risks and grasp opportunities.

Findings: Most of the research on the third-party review websites represented by dianping on focuses on the business model,there are few studies on this aspect from international researchers, this study will contribute to the field. The research on the strategy and development of—at present, China's main online platform for third-party reviews—is still at the theoretical level. There has been less overall systematic research on the literature, and some of which focus on the profit model, as well as the enterprise development history and business model. Another aspect analyzed in this research is enterprise's own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the external opportunities and threats of associative analysis.

Applications: By combining PEST and SWOT analysis, this research provides a detailed analysis using a matrix of public comments on the merits of the enterprise along with the external opportunities and threats to the enterprise’s development strategy.

 Keywords:multi-hopping, PEST analysis, operational model, O2O, SWOT analysis.