Transformational Leadership and Organizational Performance Cross Level Study of Their Effects on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Task Performance


  • Rino ‎
  • Tjutju Yuniarsih
  • Suwatno ‎
  • Kusnendi ‎
  • Syahrizal ‎


In industry 4.0, individual behavior inorganization is still very much considered as the main determinant of organizational performance. Organizationalcitizenshipbehavior (OCB) is one of the unique behavior of individuals affecting the effectivity of the organization. This study focuses on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) based on the aspects of antecedents and their consequences. This study aims at examining (1) the indirect influence of transformational leadership on individual performance through organizational citizenship behavior motivation (OCBM)and OCB, (2) the direct influence of OCB on individual performanceand organizational performance, (3) the direct influence of OCBfor individual performanceand organizational performance. This study was conducted on 66 heads of study programs and 410 lecturers at college in West Sumatera and analyzed using cross level methods and hypothesis testing using hierarchical linear modeling (HLM). The findings of the studyare 1). OCBMand OCB simultaneously mediate the relation between transformational leadership with individual performance and also have role in elevating the individual performance, 2) individual performance is the mediator between OCBM with organizational performance and it contributes in elevating the organizational performance. The theoretical and practical implications of this study are the tranformational leadership-oriented organizational citizenship (TLoOC) is able to motivate the members to carry out OCB actively in organizations. This study is concluded with a discussion of theoretical and practical implicationsas well as future research directions.