Employees’ Performance Evaluation


  • Alaa AL-Hamid
  • Doa Babuhair
  • Malak Al-Nory
  • Moneerah AL-Tawi


Employee Performance Evaluation is considered to be the most important tool for any organization, the information that it offers is widely used for decision making, such as promotion. Linking performance metrics also gather information and processes that provide a basis for assessing the effectiveness of staff decision-making, such as training compensation. The assessment studies the impact on the individual performance assessment as well as on the organization. Thus, this study presents thedevelopment a computerized employee evaluation system for Saudi Airline company. In this study, the users of the system are comprised of four categories, which are human resource (HR) admin, call center (CC) head, supervisor and employee. For this work, SQL server, visual studio, photoshop CS and Snagit were used for the development of the employee performance appraisal system. Furthermore, cascading style sheet (CSS) were used for designing the controls in the appraisal system by applying the classes of the cascading style.  The test result of the system showed that for each use case, the performance evaluation system worked according to the expected behavior and all the final results were achieved accordingly.

Keywords: Employee, performance, evaluation, mobile application, company, Saudi Arabia