Talabk Lebaitak Order Delivery Mobile Application


  • AL-Hanouf Bukhari
  • Tharaa Jambi
  • Malak Al-Nory


Fast advancements in innovation have empowered the utilization of mobile phones application in many various industries such as health, education, food, business, sales and service, and many more. These applications have directly contributed to the increase of user purchasing things through online medium. “TalabkLebaitak" is a delivery company located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The main problem facing the company is that it does not have a proper system for storing customer information and managing its orders. Therefore, this work was doneto design and implement order delivery mobile application for TalabkLebaitakcompany. In this work, the order delivery mobile application was designed to have two active actors, which is the user/customer and the admin. For the user/customer, the mobile application user case involves creating account, log in, placing order and checkout. Likewise, for the admin, the mobile application user case involves viewing order, assigning order, approving or rejecting order, managing order status, displaying blacklist and generating report.  For this work, Balsamiq Mockups desktop software was used to design the order delivery application. The test result showed that the order delivery application was successful at each use case and scenario.    

Keywords: Delivery, mobile application, company, Saudi Arabia