Utilizing IoT to Enhance School Bus Transportation Safety


  • Hasnaa Waked
  • Awateef Qusti
  • Nejoud Alassiri
  • Zain Balfagih
  • Lamis Almohamadi


Public transportation with IoT deliverable that is a smart bus that is capable of performing calculations on number of the passengers, alert them when they arrive to their destinations, as well allowing passenger's families to track the bus movements by interacting to a user-friendly website that provides them with such services. This study has focused on tracking features within the platform form the three perspectives: guardians, administrator and bus driver. The implementation taken from two perspectives first is the web application implementation, which is going to be a website that the users can interact with the system through it. The second perspective is the system implementation through demonstrating a small model of a smart bus. The model will be powered with an IoT Architecture implemented to it, which will show how all the pieces should be operating together in one infrastructure.