Mark-Less Recognition System Using Kinetic Depth Camera for Sleep Apnea Detection


  • Bayan Al-Nawimi
  • Mohammed Shehata


The experimental aims to develop the mark-less recognition system which can detect and monitor the sleep apnea by detecting any abnormal respiratory cycle. The experiment  consists three main hardware part such as Kinect camera, fingertip Oximeter, shield and Arduino. The Kinect depth camera was used to observe sleep apnea symptom, fingertip oximeter to detect pulse rate and 3G+GPS shield to make emergency call. Kinect depth camera was records respiratory rate connected with special sensor used to measure oxyhaemoglobin level. Meanwhile, fingertip oximeter was detected the pulse rate and 3G+GPS shield was connected to Arduino to send and receive of pulse rate measurement and respiratory rate and make emergency call if the result in out of measurement range. This mark-less recognition system would work as complete system to detect sleep apnea, make documentation and triggered alarm in the emergency case.