Examining Cyber-Bullying Behavior on Social Networking Sites in General


  • Bashayr Alqabasani
  • Maha Alghamdi
  • Maram Bashawyah
  • Adel M. Ilahi
  • Joud Abdulfattah


Bullying is defined as a form of violence and abuse directed at a person or group of persons. Cyber-bullying is the frequent and violent abuse of people through the Internet. The behavior is prevalent in social networking sites and aims at harming and threatening the target person/victim. Cyber bullying can reveal personal information about the victim (real name, home, work or school address) on websites/forums, or use impersonation (including fake sites, comments, accounts etc.). The form and extent of cyber-bullying is unknown in social networking sites. Therefore, this study aims at uncovering this information by study the cyber-bullying behavior online and addresses its prevalence in the Arab world. Web Crawler is used to collect all the data relate to bullying on social media and the result demonstrated a high connection between the utilized watchwords and the constructed corpus.