Online Advising System (OAS)


  • Reem Al-Mershed
  • Nada Al-Madhoun
  • Shahad Al-Otaibi
  • Nighat Mir


The Online advising system is a website for the university. The purpose of this study is to implement a system for the advisors to check their students schedule and courses and provide advices or information by an academic department obtained via the Internet to the students to improve their academic experience. The system created to be used by the advisors and the students. The system created to be part of the Effat banner website which makes the system accessible at all times and anywhere by simply using a web browser and Internet connectivity. Some of the advantages of the designed online advising system for Effat University are automatically schedule for students who got warnings in their previous semester, integrated messages between the student and advisor, a page showing the offered elective courses, and announcements space for the advisors and advisees’ page.