A Conceptual Framework for Predicting the Effects of Encroachment on Magnitude of Flood in Foma-River Area, Kwara State, Nigeriausing Data Mining


  • A.A. Chindo
  • I.N.M. Shaharanee
  • J. M. Jamil


Flooding occurs but there is no flood hazard. It is only after human encroachment into the floodplain that turn into hazard. The practice of urban encroachment in floodplains has also aggravated the extension of internal flooding due to a reduction in the capacity of floodplains to reduce flooding, thereby helping to bring more urban areas developed under flood vulnerability. Foma-river is located in Ilorin Kwara State capital, Nigeria on latitude N08,49574 and longitude E004,5107. Climate of Ilorin comprises of the dry and wet seasons with the wet season starting around March and lasting for about four to five months. This study intends to Propose a conceptual framework to support the prediction of effects of season on magnitude of flood in foma-river area using data mining approach based on 7 years sampled data from Nigeria Meteorological Agency, and questionnaire responses from residents along Foma-river floodplain