Smart Web Application for Data Sorting and Filtering


  • Shahad Aljoufi
  • Malak Alnory


Data management is an important element for an organization. By having a good data management system, an organization can sustain its overall business management process.  This work presents the development ofsmart web applicationfor data management in terms of sorting and filtering for Saudi Binladin Group  (SBG). The functional requirement of the developed web application included creating user account, editing user account, uploading excel sheet, sorting and filtering data, editing reject table, and checking golden table.  This web application will be used by two users, which are human resource (HR) admin and data quality team (DQT). In this work, the web application was designed using bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript and C# programming. The developed platform was successfully tested for each use case under several scenarios. The test outcome showed that web application system functioned well was successful for each tested scenarios. Therefore, the developed web application system will enhance thedata management for each sector in SBG organization.