Solar Powered Energy Efficient Distriution System


  • S. Mohan


The solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on the Earth. Solar energy systems based on photovoltaic (PV) cells have attracted considerable interest in recent years. Solar energy systems based on micro-inverter architecture are gaining in popularity. The micro inverters are single stage flyback inverters that are based on DC-DC flyback topology. A solar cell with an efficiency of 40% could generate up to 1MW. This session discuss about the advantages, disadvantages of using a flyback converter on a smart solar grid system. Unlike other non-renewable resources this source of energy is non pollute. Solar energy are hygienic energy. In recent PV inverter technology, the easy and the low-priced advantage of the flyback topology is promoted only at very low power as microinverter. Therefore, the primary objective of this study is to design the flyback converter at high power and demonstrate its practicality with good performance as a central-type PV inverter. Solar energy is widely accepted around the world. This paper mainly focuses on transferring of excessive energy from solar panel to the grid using a flyback converter.