The Relation Between the Technological Change and the Operational Performance from 2011 to 2017: A Case Study in Karwanchi Company for Mineral Waters and Juices


  • Basir Khalaf Khazaal, Majid Mohammad Salih


Measuring Performance is one of the important things for managers to know the level of achieving the goals of the organization which contributes to its suitability and existence. Considering this, this paper tries to reveal the appropriate scientific measures to measure the technological changes and operations performance and to show the nature of the relationship between these two things in Karwanchi company for mineral waters and juices. To answer the questions, a set of hypotheses were set in relation to the different variables. The data were collected from the company’s records of the studied variables. The researchers then used mathematical equations to measure the technological change and the operations performance in the studied company. Moreover, they also used SPSS V.24 to measure the nature of the correlation of the variables. This study concluded that there is a negative and positive correlation between technological changes and operations performance for all dimensions which contributed to supporting the operations performance in the studied organization whether it was inverse or direct correlation. One of the most important recommendations presented here is that the company needs to decrease the time of the production cycle and to better use the production elements and also to better utilize the machinery and equipment within the time limit for the productivity in order to improve production operations.