Managing Complex Environment through Implementation of Cobit Principles: An Interpretation of the 2014 Flood at Kemaman, Terengganu


  • Mat Saad. M.F
  • Abdul Latif. A
  • Othman. M


Flood in Malaysia is considered as one of the major disaster and the impact that it brings need to be controlled and monitored. The governance of flood management can be improved to encourage better planning and decision making among agencies in reducing the impacts of the disaster. This article seeks to propose COBIT as an approach to address the issues related to flood management. The COBIT 5 framework can be adapted into flood management by identifying the roles and responsibilities, ways to handle the incidents during the disaster and to improve communication among stakeholders involved. A qualitative field study is employed in identifying the most suitable COBIT principles that can be adapted into flood management practices in Malaysia. As a result, this paper presented COBIT suitability in managing the disaster management practices within the context of flood disaster in Malaysia.